Friday, July 2, 2010

First posting from Cairo

Dear friends and family, we are all relaxing in the rooftop patio of our home for the last 4 days, Hotel Osiris, near Tahrir Square in Central Cairo. These days have been hectic and full. After a relatively unpleasant flight from JFK to Cairo (2+ hours sitting on the JFK Tarmac) followed by 9 hours flying with mediocre food and crying babies, and kicking children in the row behind, we arrived tired and bedraggled in Cairo. Of course our four bags were among the last to escape the bowels of the airport (while families with 20 giant pieces of luggage were already through customs). Got to the hotel with prearranged driver (pricey, but reliable) from the hotel and checked in. Some raw nerves and fussiness on day 1, but we managed. Explored a bit in the area, ate yummy kushari (skipping past McDonalds, Hardees, KFC and Pizza Hut), and settled in our hotel to try to overcome the jet lag (we were all asleep by about 7:30 pm). End Day 1
Day 2 to be added by Sivan and Amali -- Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, and Shwarma.

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