Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Ein Gedi and The Dead Sea

A few days ago we drove from Kibbutz Grofit to Jerusalem. On the way we stopped at Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. At Ein Gedi we did a very beautiful hike that went along a stream called Wadi David and ended up at a big waterfall. We were all wearing tennis shoes so in the end we got them all soaked. After a small hike we then drove to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. The water in the Dead Sea is somewhere around twice as salty as normal ocean water. It's so salty that if you lie back you float on top of the water. I tried it and at first the water stung a little bit on my arms and legs, but i got used to it. it hurt my sister and dad too much so she and my dad went out. After my mom and I floated awhile we took a mud bath. The mud in the Dead Sea has minerals of some kind that make your skin very moisturized and soft. I slabbed mud all over my arms and legs and face. We let it dry and then rinsed it off and I felt the difference. We foated aroung a little more and then drove to Jerusalem...
Sivan :-)

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