Friday, July 2, 2010

Day Dos!!!

Day 2... One adjective to describe the day is HOT!!! Another maybe sandy, dusty, camelly? We woke up at six in the morning and ate crepes and toast. We got out of the hotel at about 7:30 AM and got a taxi with a really nice man. He drove us to a poorer neighborhood right by the pyramids. As we drove through the neighborhood we saw at least five small donkeys pulling huge carts of watermelons through all of the cars and people. (The driving in Egypt is CRAZY!!! Most of the roads don't have lanes and the are hardly any traffic lights or stop signs. At least every other second the is another honk. People also walk through the streets through all of the crazy cars. I'm kind of getting used to the traffic system and the walking through crazy traffic.)
The taxi dropped us of at a corner where they gave camel and horse rides through the pyramids. We were going to ride camels to the pyramids and the sphinx!!! We ordered two camels and one horse. I started off on the horse. Three younger boys led the horse and camels while the guide rode his own horse. It was awesome!!! We went right from lots of apartements to the sandy, barren desert. And as soon as we started walking through the desert, we saw the pyramids right there almost in front of us. We rode through and saw the pyramids and the sphinx (see pics) and met some nice people who sold souvenirs.
After seeing the pyramids the owner of the camels brought us to his son's perfume and oil shop. they were very hospitable. He gave us samples and then we bought some for my aunt. He also gave us two small hand made glass perfume bottles as gifts.

Then we went to the museum...
by SIVAN :-)

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