Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 3 in Israel -- already!!!!

Sorry for the delay -- here is what we have done in brief -- arrived monday 12.7 at 1 am. We were the last to get out of the airport from two flights that arrived at that horrible hour, because Amali's suitcase came out last because it had lost its routing tag. But luckily it arrived. Then we had to rent a phone, and then a car, which took a long time, and then, at 3:30 am, we hit the road to Matan, a small community east of Kfar Saba, right on the green line. We got to Adina Greenfeld Hirshhorn's (a old and dear friend of mine from many years in the past) at 4 am. Adina led us upstairs to her sons' vacant bedrooms and we slept til noon. Afternoon walked about the neighborhood (she lives 2 blocks from the Separation Wall). Then headed to Kfar Saba for ice cream. That night, Adina and Ariel and her son nadav and we drove to renovated Yafo to walk around and snack at Abulafia's famous bakery.
Next morning slept in again -- then after noon headed in to Tel Aviv for some lunch and beach time with Becky's dear Chicago childhood friend Gili Sherman and her daughters and son. Then dinner in Herzeliya with my former Habonim shaliach and co-worker Yaron Raz and his family -- his son, now 32 was 12 when I last saw him, and his daughter was only 5. Amazing what 20 years will do to a 5 year old. Then we woke at 6 am to hit the road by 7 to Dimona to see Sivan's and Amali's half-sister, Liat, which is where we are now. Ate two great meals in Beer Sheva, and enjoyed meeting Liat's friends and coworkers and learning about their amazing accomplishments. Terrific experiences.

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